Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Horsetail/Ponytail Falls with Dave

I dragged Dave along for my weekly hike. This time I wanted to do a shorter hike, so we went to Horsetail Falls Loop, which is 2.6 miles,m and only 610ft elevation gain. We started out by parking at Horsetail Falls, which wasn't too bad because the big crowds were at Multnomah Falls, and started heading up the switchbacks. It was a beautiful day, couldn't hardly ask for a nicer temperature, especially in the shade of the trees.

After hiking a short distance, we came to Ponytail Falls.

The trail goes behind the waterfall, into a great cavernous area in the rock wall.

What a cool place to sit around and watch the activities and listen to the water for a bit.

Daredevil Dave on the edge. Seriously, it was a scary drop off just a few steps away.

What a view!

Continuing along we came to Oneonta Gorge and Middle Oneonta Falls.

What a lovely forest trail!

Finally we were back on the old highway. Looking up, we could see these amazing rock formations overhead.

The walking path goes through this old tunnel.

And finally we were back to Horsetail Falls. A nice easy hike on a hot day, and just far enough for Dave since his boots aren't as broken in as mine are yet. It was nice he had a day off so we could get out together.


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