Monday, May 30, 2016

Back to Trout Lake

This year was an unusual one at Trout Lake, because although we had the date marked off on the calendar, as we do every year, Dave had just started a new job (delivering lost luggage using our tow vehicle, the Flex), and he had to stay home and be on call. We considered just skipping it, but decided he could tow the trailer over there and leave me and it there for the weekend, while he went back home with the dogs.

So here we are with a couple of the neighbors for the weekend. The little silver one is mine. I had gotten it all prepared and tested at home, but the one thing I did not notice until I was here and living unplugged, was that my battery was dead! It wouldn't hold much of a charge for long. So it was ok for the lights, because they are LEDs and don't need much juice. A little tougher on the waterpump, because it is a power hog, but I can get by just fine without it by keeping a pitcher of water handy The fridge ran fine on propane. But it was pretty cold up there at night, and not having a heater was going to be a bummer. Luckily I had friends who brought over their generators and charged me back up to full every day, which was enough to get the heater running at night long enough to warm the place up, and I had a couple warm blankets too, so it wasn't bad at all.

The mountain was jaw-droppingly beautiful, as usual.

And there was this weird cloud that didn't even look real just hanging out that afternoon.

More happy Airstreams

No Airstream gathering is complete without flamingos

Jonathan was chopping wood...

So he could make campfire magic later. He's a fire wizard!

Then the musicians start gathering

And a fine time was had by all!

I never get tired of the view.

Magical clouds over 'Sleeping Beauty'

Stars over the mountain at night. So many stars I don't even know what I'm looking at. That's Cassiopeia over the mountain. I guess the skyglow is from Seattle? We're a long way from it, but it's in that direction.

More music. We never get tired of music.

The electronic devices come in handy when no one can remember the lyrics!

(not my trailer - that's Gail's trailer, which is very similar to mine)

The last morning. What a beautiful morning! Dave came back and hooked up our little trailer and we headed home. It was great to see everyone, as always, and we missed our friends who couldn't make it this year. Trout Lake is always the best kickoff anyone could want to the camping season.


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