Friday, February 05, 2016

Explore Washington Vacation - Day 4 - The Penninsula

I think the only thing I don't have a picture of from our trip is the actual Olympics! Because of the weather we ended up sort of skirting around the edge of the park, and the clouds only parted to give us a peek at the peaks a couple times.

We headed out from Forks that morning heading for Port Angeles. As we drove along through more boring forestry lands without any sort of view, I saw signs for Neah Bay - the westernmost tip of WA state. I hadn't planned on the side trip, but we discussed it and decided what the heck, we might not be back out here for a while, we should go see it.

It was this sort of morning:

All along the way we stopped at pull offs to admire the beautiful, I'm not sure what you call this body of water. It's the water between us and Canada at the pointy end of Washington.

Finally we reached Neah Bay. It is a Native American village. They had a very good museum describing the history and the abuse of the Makah people, and how they almost lost their culture and had to get it back. Very interesting, and very sad.

We continued on to Port Angeles.

This GIANT oil rig was parked offshore. It is the Polar Pioneer, and apparently it's some sort of drilling rig. It was HUGE!

We had a nice lunch at a little pub, where I got some very good poutine. Then we continued the long drive back to LYH. Along the way we stopped at a wayside for a nap, and saw this sign. We were discussing it when Dave started speculating on what sort of animals were OVER 8ft in length, and therefor didn't require a leash. I was laughing too hard to correct him! 

We got back to LYH shortly after dark and found the trailer was just fine, as we had left it. Dave snuck off to the casino for one last evening of gambling. I stayed home and read and relaxed, but unfortunately I seem to have picked up a stomach bug from one of the many places we had eaten along the way. By the next morning all I wanted was to go home! So we cancelled the rest of the trip and headed home. We'll have to save the East side of the state for next time.

And next year I hope we get a chance to come when the weather is nicer, and actually visit the park.


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