Friday, January 09, 2015

So long,

Back in , oh, 1997 or 1998 I started a website to document my restoration efforts of my first 68 Mustang, Old Bloo. Back then I was a geek, no one had ever heard of 'blogging' yet, and making a website for fun seemed like the thing to do. And it was cool. I met a lot of great people, helped folks with their restorations, and made some friends. I also had a lasting scrapbook of pictures and descriptions of what I'd done, some of which surprises me even today.

But, it's been hosted all this time on the same server space as our business website, which we shut down a few years ago, and we finally decided to shut it down entirely. Eventually I want to move the info over to a blog, just to keep it available, but it doesn't seem as important now. Back then it was hard to find stuff about restoring cars on the web, now there's tons of info. And nobody really has personal websites anymore, at least without them being leveraged for advertising space and stuff like that. This was just a plain old, here's my stuff, write and say hi, kind of website.

So, goodbye (for now, anyway) to

Oh Man, that was ugly even for 1998...and the last update was in '09. Yeah, probably time to let it go. But the adventures of Old Bloo and Deja Bloo will be documented again somewhere, someday...


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