Monday, October 20, 2014

Grand Theft Auto Update

I have been enjoying Grand Theft Auto Auto 5 for a whole year now! Crazy! I have wasted entirely too much time playing it. It's my favorite thing to do to kill a couple hours before bed, and I don't even want to admit how much total time it says I have played! We enjoyed it enough we finally bought a second XBox and copy of the game (found both used on CL) and setup the second console so Dave and I could team up and play together. So much fun! Here we are between missions. The masks are to protect our identity ;)

I've kind of maxed out what I can earn in the game, so sometimes I just go hiking around the game and exploring. It is stunningly beautiful in places.

A year later and this game can still amaze me.

One thing that wasn't so amazing though is the kids I have run across while playing it. The other day I played with a 9 year old. This game is rated for 18+ for a reason! Do their parents not know, or not care?! The little guy had the mouth of a sailor too, I've never heard so many F-bombs - clearly he was trying to be a big guy to the other players. It's just disturbing. The game is great fun, but it's so inappropriate for a little kid to be playing it!


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