Monday, October 20, 2014

Grand Theft Auto Update

I have been enjoying Grand Theft Auto Auto 5 for a whole year now! Crazy! I have wasted entirely too much time playing it. It's my favorite thing to do to kill a couple hours before bed, and I don't even want to admit how much total time it says I have played! We enjoyed it enough we finally bought a second XBox and copy of the game (found both used on CL) and setup the second console so Dave and I could team up and play together. So much fun! Here we are between missions. The masks are to protect our identity ;)

I've kind of maxed out what I can earn in the game, so sometimes I just go hiking around the game and exploring. It is stunningly beautiful in places.

A year later and this game can still amaze me.

One thing that wasn't so amazing though is the kids I have run across while playing it. The other day I played with a 9 year old. This game is rated for 18+ for a reason! Do their parents not know, or not care?! The little guy had the mouth of a sailor too, I've never heard so many F-bombs - clearly he was trying to be a big guy to the other players. It's just disturbing. The game is great fun, but it's so inappropriate for a little kid to be playing it!


Sunday, October 05, 2014

Wag that tail!

What's happier than a Miata? How about a Miata with a tail?

Dave helped me work through a backlog of Miata projects today. I installed power mirrors, a new antenna, a new shift boot (black leather with red stitching), and best of all - a tail!

I have always wanted one of these rear spoilers on my Miatas. Finally! I got the piece from a junkyard on eBay and spray-bombed it stain black.

A couple weeks ago I finished up a couple big Miata projects as well. I pulled the crappy old radio and installed a new ipod-friendly radio, so I can finally listen to my tunes.

 And since everything was apart for the radio install I decided it was time to plastidip the console and 'tombstone'. Two cans of red plastidip did the job.

I think this looks pretty nice with my red vinyl covered door panels, especially when the red hardboot is on. Unfortunately today we had to put the hardboot up in the rafters for the winter. I sense top down days are going to be in limited supply very soon.

When we bought the car there was no pocket under the radio, so you could see wires under there, and it basically looked like someone had already stolen the stereo thanks to the gaping hole Now everything is buttoned-up and civilized looking! And of course the other big addition this year was the glass-windowed top. This is turning out to be a pretty nice Miata, especially considering the odometer just rolled over 200k! For less than $2k, I'm having a LOT of fun with this little car!

Next comes the red wheels. Soon, I hope!