Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Navi the great white hunter

Navi hunting moles from Stephanie on Vimeo.

Navi doesn't have as much acreage to cover at the new house, but she still does her best to catch any rodents that wander through it. She has caught a rat, a squirrel (which she ate in it's entirety), moles, and a number of field mice. In the clip above she is listening to the molehill for sign of a mole. I have seen her sitting perfectly still for many minutes at a time waiting for something to make a noise, or pop out of a hole! when she hears something she pounces, digging to catch it. When she doesn't, she moves over to check the next hole. She's quite methodical. Within a week she caught it!

Last week she caught a field mouse, and I offered to trade her a piece of lunchmeat for it, and she came in the house for the lunchmeat, while I went outside and disposed of the mouse carcass. She went back out to find it gone. So later that day we took her for a walk at the watertower park, and as we were walking through the grass suddenly a baby bunny jumped up and zigged and zagged and ran right into Navi - who dispatched it with a snap! Of course, she only mortally wounded it, so we decided it would be best to let her finish it off so it wouldn't suffer, and once she got her teeth back on it, she not only didn't want to let it go, but crunch crunch crunch - she ATE THE WHOLE THING. We were appalled! We were going to go home and cook a nice dinner, but nobody felt like eating after that.

Today while on a walk at the watertower park Navi was looking for bunnies again, but didn't see any. I maneuvered her and Barclay around a dead opossum that had been hit by a car and shoved off the side of the road, but while concentrated on the opossum I didn't notice Navi quickly peeling a flattened squirrel up off the road! Oh my goodness, that is the most disgusting thing she's ever picked up! It was like a stiff piece of really stinky leather! There was no way she was giving that up, and I wasn't going to touch it! I finally pushed her head down enough to step on the other end of the squirrel and she dropped it, and I steered them away from it. Maybe we'll stay away from the watertower park for a while. Ugh!

Here is a longer clip of her hunting mice in the grass around the base of the fence. I love how she stands so still, then her tail starts wagging when she hears something. Hunting is her favorite thing!

Navi Hunting Mice from Stephanie on Vimeo.


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heather said...

What a good girl, Navi ! Well, not for eating the nasty already dead/petrified things, blech .