Sunday, September 22, 2013

A day at the Ren Faire


Went with some friends to the Renaissance Faire in HIllsboro, OR. It was an unfortunate choice of days, because we had a big storm blowing through, with rain coming down hard and the wind whipping the tents around. The birds of prey show got cancelled, but they did a little fly around and then stood around to talk to the small crowd braving the weather. These are the folks from Sky Kings Falconry.







After that came jousting, but again, the weather turned ugly and they finished the show up early, and I don’t think they were going to get to do any more demonstrations during the day. The weather was just insane. Glad we got a bit of clearance to see this much.







They made several passes, but the rain started up again, and the guy on the white horse took a dive and they quickly cleared the arena.






The rest of the time we wandered around and saw some magic, some comedy, and a very funny sword swallower named Tom Silectomy who had to cut out the fire portions of his show because of the intense wind. We also had a variety of treats on a stick (apparently everything is better on a stick), and were harangued by people in costume at every turn. So good food, good friends, and good entertainment, making up for the ridiculously blustery weather. Oh well, the grey skies and wind-nipped extremities made it feel just like jolly old England!


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