Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dogs and Dahlias


Just snapping some pictures around the backyard. Started with a few pictures of Barclay while he was feeling cooperative. Moved on to the Dahlias that have popped up in the flowerbed.








These Dahlias are really pretty, and have an amazing variety of shapes and colors. I feel like they have a dream-like quality when zoomed in on.












I liked this in particular because the stem is not visible, so it looks like it’s floating there like a puffer fish!








Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Kalakala


Today we drove up to Tacoma, WA to pick up some car parts for the Miata, and decided to spend a little time adventuring around the Hylebos Waterway looking for the Kalakala. I have been fascinated by it since I first heard about it – after all, I love old things, especially stylistically cool old things, and this is a pretty cool looking ferry. I had hoped the efforts to restore it would work out, but they seemed to be cursed by bad luck from the beginning, and now the talk is that it will be hauled away and scrapped soon. So sad! Luckily it is visible in Google maps, and they are recent enough pictures that it is still in the same location (I wasn’t sure because I had seen some recent articles about it being moved).




But through the wonder of modern smartphone GPS navigation, we managed to wander our way right to it. Unfortunately the view was blocked as it was behind locked gates. It was still a thrill when we found our first peek at it.






It is in rough shape, to put it mildly.

Looking the other direction on the waterway, beautiful Mt Rainier was rising up out of the haze.




It was fun cruising around looking for it. Me driving while Dave navigated. The Stealth is such a nice driving car, I don’t give it nearly enough love. Looks damn good too.




At the west end of the waterway is the Hylebos Bridge, and as we drove over it we realized it actually had a great view. So we parked and walked up the bridge to take some pictures with Mt Rainier in the background.





So sad for it to have been rescued from Alaska and brought home to Seattle, only to get scrapped after all Sad smile

I’m glad we got a chance to see it before it was gone.



Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sometimes advertising works

I saw this ad right after I got out of college, and apparently it hit home perfectly, because not only did I make my first new car a Miata, but Miatas have continued to symbolize freedom and carefree fun for me ever since. Now that is what I call Effective Marketing!



I've been looking for some summer fun. The Mustang is a long way from being finished, and it's beautiful weather out there. I was thinking something fun to drive to work, like a Vespa. I've always wanted a Vespa! But they cost $2k+ around here. So I was cruising the classifieds when I spotted a Miata - a really cheap Miata.

At $1800 that was cheaper than the Vespas I was looking at, and it's Black - I've always wanted a Black Miata. So we headed out to look at it in Oregon City. It has almost 200k miles on it, but looks well cared for, doesn't have a branded title, and ran like a top when we took it for a drive through the countryside nearby. It's black, but Miata's weren't offered in black that year. It was originally silver, but they painted the door jambs and everything, so you can only tell by the silver in the engine bay, which actually looks nice. I handed over the cash and drove it home without a hitch.

Then Dave and I spent a couple hours cleaning the garage and moving the Mustang over to make room for it. We put the Mustang on wheel dollies (roller skates for your car), so we could shove it over to one side. It's tight, but it will do for now.

When I have to work on the mustang, the Miata will have to move outside so we can push the Mustang back over. There's barely room to squeeze over to the bench right now.

So that is how I brought home my fourth Miata! It is a plain-jane, bare-bones little base model car. Manual steering, manual brakes. Fun to drive. I have always wanted a 'Black and Red' Miata - the 1993 LE which was on the lot when I bought my first Miata, but too expensive to buy at the time. So I plan to do this Miata up with red interior accents. Tinkering with Miatas is easy and cheap, and lots of fun. I'm so happy to have another one to play with.