Sunday, March 31, 2013

The bedroom accent wall

I was reading on my favorite vintage-house blog, Retro Renovation, about vintage houses that featured wall murals. I guess it was a thing back in the day. So I went searching around on the web for vintage wall murals, and found a site which features just about any image you can imagine, blown up to wall size. Intrigued by the boldness of a wall-sized image, I started searching for 70’s style images in the colors I was interested in, and found one I thought was pretty awesome and 70s looking. Only problem - wall size murals cost about $200. That’s a lot of money to pay and then decide you hate it. On the other hand, if I painted it myself, for the cost of less than $50 in supplies, I could decide if I liked it or not, and then just paint it all a solid color if it was not to my taste.

And hey, I was home sick anyway this weekend, so why not have a little fun?


I laid out the tape by hand, following the top half of the image above as a pattern.



At this point the first layer of colors are in, and I can’t wait to get the tape off and see how it looks with white outlines.


I laid on a second coat of all the colors late last night, and this morning, stripped off the masking tape to see how it looks with white outlines – I love it!


The masking tape had a lot of bleed-under that needs to be touched up.


All the touch-ups are done, and the final touch is a piece of wall art we picked up a few months ago. I knew it was going to fit perfectly in here somewhere!


And the outdoors/geese theme bedroom is complete. We love it!


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