Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Cover for the Caravel

In answer to your question, Lisa, we have tried to seal all the leaks in the trailer, but there always seem to be some we missed - Airstreams have a LOT of seams! And hey, it’s 45 years old this year (and it’s our 10th year with it, so obviously it’s a keeper) and we want it to last many more years, so we splurged and bought a nice carport for it.

Today a crew came out and assembled it in 2 hours flat. No problems. It is awesome!


The cover is a little taller than I expected, but for years we’ve been parking the trailer under a vinyl carport that it barely fit under, and the frame of the carport would bump the vents on top of the trailer if it wasn’t perfectly centered. This gives us plenty of room to maneuver.

Note the mud tracks – we had a terrible downpour while it was being installed, and Dave kept getting the van with it’s stupid one-wheel-drive stuck in the mud trying to put the trailer back. Why do they even bother to build a truck that doesn’t at least have limited slip? Anyway, we finally got it back there. We would have liked to set it further back, but this will do for now.



Feels good to have the last big project done. The trailer is part of the family, and I’m not completely happy unless it’s safe and secure like the rest of us.



Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's a nice carport. Looks like a nice home for the RV.
I'm surprised that it doesn't have panels that come down lower, but you must not get the crazy type of rain and snow we get that blows sideways.
Do you have to get a permit for a structure that tall?

That's a very old trailer...truly vintage!
But I wonder, if you don't repair the leaks, what will you do when you go camping if it rains?


StefRobrts said...

It's gotten wet while camping before, that doesn't bother me. It's having it sitting wet for months that would really cause problems.

We didn't order the wall kit because we don't get crazy sideways rain very often. Though this turned out to be taller than we expected! I guess if it's an issue we might have to add them. We didn't get a permit, I hope that's not an issue! I think we're ok because it's not a permanent structure - though I certainly wouldn't want to move it!

heather said...

Aw, it's great to see the Caravel all cozy tucked in under it's new home =)