Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Photos

I've been enjoying walks at break time with my camera. Our business park is particularly pretty in the fall when the light is low and the shadows are dramatic. Here is a link to my pictures so far this year.

My Fall Flickr Set

Included is a picture of Mr Miata surrounded by the fall foliage.

These are beautiful days in the North West.


Thursday, October 03, 2013

A little spit & polish

Well, just polish, actually. And a good wash.

I drove Mr Miata to work today, and he's quite the rattle-trap right now, with no carpet on the backshelf, and no console. I can actually look through the shifter hole and see the ground going by under us! But I'm waiting on a box of parts to fix all that, new rubber shift boots for the shifter, and then I can finish putting it all back together.

The wash this afternoon gave me a chance to see where some leaks were and tighten up the bolts around the drain that goes around the bottom of the top. Then in the evening I spent a little quality time with him polishing up the back window with Novus plastic polish. Looks pretty good for something that came out of a junkyard!


Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Blowing my top!


So Mr Miata came with a little problem in the ‘top’ department – it was torn and useless at it’s primary function – keeping the interior dry. A new top costs a couple hundred plus installation, and a used hardtop runs about a grand. I needed to find a cheaper solution.



Luckily I found a junkyard Miata with a good top. So I handed over $150 in hopes of ending up with a Miata I could actually drive in the winter. Winter is far too long to go without driving a Miata if there’s one available! While I was there I also scored a number of other nice parts, like good doorpanels (Mr Miata has had most of the fasteners broken on his doorpanels), M Edition sill plates from the 94 M Edition parked behind the red miata, and some other bits and pieces.



I clamped up my torn back window and got to work. Mighty is assisting by keeping the top from blowing away Winking smile



Step 2, remove the seats so there is room to work in that tiny little car.



Remove the carpeting and try not to panic as it tears apart in your hands…turned out 23 year old carpeting gets a little dry-rotted after all those years in the sun.



A few more trim pieces, a few bolts, and tah-dah – topless!



Lesson one – even on a tiny car, tops are significantly bigger and heavier than you might expect! Plus that frame makes this the finger-pinchiest repair job I’ve ever taken on!



The new top goes on (Dave had to help me wrestle it into place), and Mighty is happy to resume her top-holding-down duties



It’s not perfect, there’s a little loose seam on the driver’s side.



And a little wear on the passenger side. But it kept the junkyard car nice and dry, so I think it should last the winter for me.



Dang, I managed not to pinch my fingers in the frame, but the metal on the rear shelf got me while fastening down the top. No job is complete until you bleed and swear. This job was definitely done!



One thing that was very different from previous car projects – bringing the ipad out to the garage to both play music through a little portable speaker, and act as instant reference material. I did most of this job with the help of documents and advice from



All done, top looks tight at all the seams, just needs a wash to get rid of the junkyard dirt. I’ll just have to drive it in the rain to see if it’s water tight.




Sunday, September 22, 2013

A day at the Ren Faire


Went with some friends to the Renaissance Faire in HIllsboro, OR. It was an unfortunate choice of days, because we had a big storm blowing through, with rain coming down hard and the wind whipping the tents around. The birds of prey show got cancelled, but they did a little fly around and then stood around to talk to the small crowd braving the weather. These are the folks from Sky Kings Falconry.







After that came jousting, but again, the weather turned ugly and they finished the show up early, and I don’t think they were going to get to do any more demonstrations during the day. The weather was just insane. Glad we got a bit of clearance to see this much.







They made several passes, but the rain started up again, and the guy on the white horse took a dive and they quickly cleared the arena.






The rest of the time we wandered around and saw some magic, some comedy, and a very funny sword swallower named Tom Silectomy who had to cut out the fire portions of his show because of the intense wind. We also had a variety of treats on a stick (apparently everything is better on a stick), and were harangued by people in costume at every turn. So good food, good friends, and good entertainment, making up for the ridiculously blustery weather. Oh well, the grey skies and wind-nipped extremities made it feel just like jolly old England!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

When Barclay stole the garden glove

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Making Prunes


Our house came with a plum tree


We didn’t know what kind of fruit tree it was until plums started falling off, and the dogs were eating them.



They were very tasty, but more plums all at once than the three of us could eat (me and the dogs, Dave’s not interested in plums)

So I dug out the dehydrator


A bucket of plums turned into four trays of plum-halves.

About 15 hours later, I had prunes.


They are super sweet!


I went ahead and froze them to ensure they will not mold. I thought I had them dry enough, but not enough to trust putting them in the cupboard. Even though they are taking up a little freezer space, they take up a lot less space dehydrated than they would if I’d just frozen them fresh.


Saturday, August 24, 2013


Monday, August 19, 2013

Down at the Marina


Contemplative Photography down at the Washougal marina













Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dogs and Dahlias


Just snapping some pictures around the backyard. Started with a few pictures of Barclay while he was feeling cooperative. Moved on to the Dahlias that have popped up in the flowerbed.








These Dahlias are really pretty, and have an amazing variety of shapes and colors. I feel like they have a dream-like quality when zoomed in on.












I liked this in particular because the stem is not visible, so it looks like it’s floating there like a puffer fish!