Saturday, December 08, 2012



When we moved in, there were two big woodpiles, one on either side of the yard, covered in ugly brown tarps.




We peeked under the tarps and discovered some mouse poison right after we took possession, so we spent some time looking for any more of it before we brought the dogs over, and then I’ve watched them like a hawk while they’re out in the yard to make sure they didn’t find any we missed. If those logpiles weren’t already on my to-do-list, that put them there for sure – the woodpiles had to go!

So Last weekend a friend came over along with two other friends with full size trucks, thinking they’d each take a load of wood and it would all be gone. Not quite. It took FIVE full size pickup bed loads to clear the piles away! The one closest to the house was the oldest, and a lot of the wood was rotten and full of termites! Yikes! They took as much of that as they could too.

That left me with a lot of debris to clean up:




And a new, and not entirely enjoyable view, of the neighbor’s yard!


Hey, I moved away from the farm to get away from that sort of ramshackle chicken coop/blue tarp stuff! Oh well.



The other pile left less of a mess. At least it was all good wood, none of that rotten stuff. But it was still full of mice and rat droppings. I didn’t find any more poison hidden in the piles. The boxes had looked pretty old, so it had probably all been consumed by mice long ago, but I wouldn’t take a chance of the dogs getting any. I’m sure we displaced a lot of rodents though.



Much to Navi’s delight. She’s been hunting mice every time she goes outside. She caught one the other day. She’s fast! I don’t think these mice came out of the woodpiles though, she’s been hunting mice in the garden area.

Our next big outdoor project is to clean up the big garden and reseed it for grass so the dogs will have more grassy area to play in. I don’t need that much garden anyway! Not sure when we’ll get a dry weekend to do that.

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heather said...

Aww, happy girl being able to chase mice still =) It sure is going to be interesting to see what all sprouts up in the many gardens you do keep !