Sunday, December 16, 2012

The last major pieces for the kitchen

The kitchen is where we spend a lot of our time, and so we wanted it to look just right. I'm overjoyed with the cool vintage cabinets, and we needed some nice vintage furniture to go with them - mostly a hutch to handle overflow because there's not enough storage, and a nice vintage table to sit under that awesome UFO light.

We actually found the hutch a couple weeks ago, but waited until we'd looked around a bit more. Since we didn't find anything we liked better, we went ahead and bought it.

It replaces the honey pine bookcase which we gave to a friend. This has a lot more storage, and the dark walnut formica matches the dark cabinets nicely. I like the open shelves for my cookbooks, and I can display some of my pretty vintage bowls and cups. I had to set my mixer and food processor on top because they are too big to store in any of the cabinets!

It has these neat space-age drawer pulls. Love it!

Dave was out doing some shopping during the day and spotted a dining room table he really liked. He called me up and said it was great, and he was going to buy it. I wasn't too sure, since I hadn't seen it in person, but I think he has a good eye, so I said ok. Of course he'd already bought it...

I love it! Mouse loves it too! It has a nice pattern on top. The formica isn't too dark, and the chairs are in excellent condition. Since I plan to paint the kitchen yellow, I think they will fit in perfectly.

So that's the last major addition to the kitchen. Not room for anything else anyway. Now I can concentrate on cleaning the cabinet doors, fixing the dings and scratches, and then getting a nice coat of wax on them. They are already starting to glow.

Dave says The Rancho is like the Airstream - about the same vintage, same type of cabinets, and feels about as small - so we have to keep everything organized and neat! It's great. Just like the Airstream, it already feels very much like home.



Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Aww, that's great! And that table and chairs reminds me of the one that my grandmother had when I was little. Very nostalgic!


dotoner said...

Love it love it! Starting to really come together in a very cool retro way. Reminds me of Green Meadows :)

StefRobrts said...

Oh no! Not Green Meadows!