Sunday, December 30, 2012

Outdoor lights, Bathroom lights, Christmas lights



We’re having entirely too much fun with lights. This is the story of how we ended up with three bathroom lights for our one bathroom house!

Yesterday we went antiquing with a friend over in Portland. We started out at a place we regularly hit for cabinets and lamps when we are building sets – The ReBuilding Center in north Portland. This place is packed with lights, knobs, cabinetry, doors, sinks, just about anything you can think of for a house that is not furniture! We wandered around for a while looking at stuff, but our big score was a vintage light cover for the bathroom.


It has cool pink ends, and is wide enough to cover our entire bathroom vanity. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a fixture for it. It was only $5, so we had to buy it and hope a fixture would be found later, or we could figure out some way to mount it.

Continuing on towards Hawthorn, we stopped at the Habitat for Humanity store, which is under a bridge. They mostly had modern stuff, but we found this neat little bathroom lamp with a fixture for it. I wasn’t a big fan of the pattern, but it was getting closer to what we needed, and it was only $10.


After lunch we hit a couple more places, and finally ended up at a vintage store (same one we bought our dressers from a few weeks ago) and found complete fixture and cover, the same size as the first cover we had found. If has a bold leafy pattern, but the mounting holes will fit the pink cover as well.


And that is how we ended up with three times as many bathroom fixtures than we can possibly use!

Meanwhile, outdoors, We hung LED Christmas lights around the edge of the patio cover, and installed a new light with a GFI socket to plug them into. Now we can turn them on and off with the switch by the backdoor.


It’s gotten really cold here, so we just about got frostbite hanging this lamp, but Dave did a super job while I handed him tools and tiny screws.


Looks great!



This was Dave’s effort for Christmas decorations this year!



heather said...

Third time is a charm ! You two really are having too much fun shopping, good for you. LOVE the outdoor Christmas decorations and year round lights, too.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Such a funny Christmas decoration. lol!
I like the patio lights, too. Will you keep them up all year?