Saturday, December 08, 2012

Kitchen Light

Continuing our upgrades, Dave scored a nice vintage light cover for the kitchen. It's 19 inches across, which is HUGE, and has little dots/bumps all over it for the light to sparkle through. We had no problem removing the old light and fitting a new fixture. The new light shade covers everything, and even hangs down enough to fit fluorescent bulbs underneath.

I think the kitchen is really looking up now. Most important, we're both having a lot of fun finding these treasures for our house, and getting them installed!

We were at Home Depot looking at lights last night, when a lady came up and said 'We have a special offer for people who don't like their kitchen cabinets..' and we looked at each other and said 'No thanks, we LOVE our kitchen just the way it is!'. No Home Depot kitchen for me!


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heather said...

I just love seeing your retro updates to the new house ! It's great to hear you are having fun (and finding such cool pieces!), making it your own home.