Saturday, December 01, 2012

Furnishing the Rancho


Now that we have started to settle into our charming little Mid-Century house, we decided to go looking for some Mid-Century furniture to go with it. We did not have a lot of furniture to bring from the other house, much of it was so worn out it went to the dump (even Goodwill wouldn’t take it), and we never had a real bedroom set.

The first thing Dave wanted to replace was our country-style knotty pine buffet. Not that there was anything wrong with it, it just fit into the farm-house better than it does here.



So we went shopping around antique stores until we found a nice vintage bedroom set that struck our fancy:




Love it! This is the sort of furniture we both grew up with, and it looks very cool. Just what we wanted.

And it has a matching dresser!




Look at those little legs! So awesome!




Our bedroom is shaping up nicely!

Next on our list was a vintage swag light for the front room, which we didn’t find, but we found something we weren’t looking for – a pull-down dining room light to replace the large greek-style modern lamp a previous owner installed (which doesn’t fit with the kitchen style at all).




Here’s a better look at it:




It has a brass base with a large fiberglass disk. It’s just too awesome! We found it at an antique mall and the note on it said it was new (by which we assume he meant it had never been installed), and had a piece of the original box label.




I can’t wait to get this installed in the dining room. Things are going to be pretty retro-cool at the Rancho if we keep having this sort of luck!



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heather said...

OHMYGOSH, my grandparents had almost that exact same bedroom set ( I think the knobs were different) ! I used it for several years then gave it to my sister to use in one of the boys rooms.