Tuesday, August 28, 2012

End of Summer photos


This has been a weird summer. I’ve been working full time, with a ridiculously long commute, and the end result of all that is I feel like I wasn’t even home for the summer. Hopefully things will get better soon.




I abandoned my garden, and it’s all overgrown and weedy. I planted a few tomatoes in pots on the front deck, and they might kick out a few tomatoes before the winter comes, if we’re lucky. BTW, that’s Saki next to the tomatoes, they were visiting.




Mostly we’ve been working on cleaning the house and getting it ready to sell. It’s coming along better than I expected. But that’s another post.

Today I went out in the late afternoon and took some pictures around the yard. No particular reason. The light was so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself.








This picture was not in focus, but I liked the pose, so it seemed like a good use of one of those funky filters. Look at me, I’m being artistic!




My little perpetual-motion machine stops for a rare picture! Good girl, Navi!




Barclay just wants to play stickball, he’s obsessed with it!




Here’s another picture which came out overexposed, but is saved by one of those funky filters. Makes it look like I intended that ‘glow’!


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heather said...

Ooooh, I really like the photos you got "artsy" with ! They ALL look fantastic =)