Sunday, July 29, 2012

At the zoo


We spent most of Sunday at the Oregon Zoo. I figured it would be a target-rich environment for photographs, but for some reason my camera was acting up and overexposing everything in auto-exposure mode. I ended up taking most of the pictures in manual mode, which of course meant I messed a lot of them up trying to get the hang of it. I guess it’s all good practice. I think Dave was getting some great pictures on his cell phone, and if he ever figures out how to get them off the phone and onto the computer, I’ll share them!

It’s been a few years since we were at the zoo, and they had some new exhibits, like the Black Bear enclosure. It was very open and you could get great views of the bears doing their thing.




In this picture they are at one end of the enclosure, but it actually stretches quite a long ways, with lots of trees and different surfaces and stuff for them to do.




Being the symbol of our country and freedom and all that, it seems so weird to see an eagle just hanging out and preening it’s feathers like every other bird.



These lovely little Egrets were in another aviary enclosure, and we watched them for quite a while. Beautiful and very active birds, and not very big – about a foot tall or so.



I don’t usually spend a lot of time with the elephants, but this time they seemed to be up to interesting stuff, and we found ourselves hanging out for a bit to watch.






They had also remodeled the Africa exhibit since we last visited, and the views of the big cats and hyenas was excellent.




I think our zoo went without lions for a while, so it’s nice to see them back.






These little birds were in the walk-through Africa Aviary. They were having a grand time eating and tussling over the bowl. I was delighted to catch the little guy holding a pea in his foot and eating it! I have a special love for birds. I never get tired of watching their birdy-mannerisms.




The Rhino was sleeping, but the Hippo was hanging out where we could see him.



These lovely guys live with the Zebra. Their faces look kind of llama-like to me. They’re from different continents, so I don’t think they are likely to be related.



This guy looked like a wise old man.



And there’s nothing goofier than a knock-kneed Giraffe seen head-on.



And that was the end of our day at the zoo. It’s always a good way to spend a day. Never disappointing. 







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heather said...

Awesome as always, thanks for sharing your wonderful photos =)