Saturday, June 02, 2012

Overgrown, overrun…


It has been a long, cool, rainy spring. We had a little dash of summer weather early on that got our hopes up, then it got dreary again. Of course there’s been a few nice days thrown in here and there, but with my new work schedule I’m mostly limited to working on the yard on the weekends, and many of those have been rainy.

This happens every year – it’s wet and rainy, and we can’t get out and mow the field because it’s a wetland. By the time it’s dry, it’s too tall. And are we ever there this year!


We got a little mowing in, but the rest is too tall to mow now. We’ve already looked into renting a tractor or a walk-behind brush mower to knock it down with. As soon as it stops raining long enough for it to dry out a bit, we’ll go rent one for the weekend.



The waving tall grass is actually kind of pretty, except every time I look at it I just see all the work ahead of us to get it under control.



Here’s Navi playing in the grass behind the water trough. Yeah, it’s that deep.



There she is!



There’s Barclay, prowling through the jungle.



The worst part is the garden. About a month ago I spent a couple hours cleaning it up, and it looked great. Now I haven’t had a chance to visit it for a few weeks, and when I went out there, I just wanted to cry Sad smile



Nothing a couple hours of hard labor won’t fix! There’s still more to go, but I didn’t want to hurt myself trying to do it all in one go. I got my exercise for sure today!




Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! It really is all or nothing, isn't it?

We get about a week of good rain storms a couple weeks ago, but that was the first rains of the year and it hasn't rained again since then.
We probably got less than 4" of sketchy grass growth...sadly, not enough to graze my horse, goats or llamas on.
My garden had a handful of weeds that I had to pluck out, but nothing else. I've been meaning to plant the seeds, but I'm not looking forward to having to water 2-3 times per day for the first 30-60 days to get everything to sprout. We've got a busy summer planned with lots of hiking, camping, summer camp, and horseback riding, and if we can't water for even a day, whatever was growing will shrivel up and die.
The New Mexico fire season has hit with a bang, too. There have already been several forest fire and wild fires blazing...the biggest one is down in the Gila Wilderness about 300 miles southwest of us. It's already burned over 200,000 acres. We get the smoke even up here because of the hot dry winds blowing in our direction.
We sure could use some of your rain, that's for sure.


StefRobrts said...

I wish we could send you the rain! I heard about the fires and hoped they weren't close :(