Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Our Camera Club assignment this month was ‘reflections’, so I took my camera downtown on a rainy day and spent my breaks and lunchtime snapping pictures to see what I could get.


On the doorstep of the postal building, looking across the street at the Dekum. They sure don’t put details on buildings like they used to!


Inside the postal building. I was just playing with my camera, because it was my old Powershot, and I’d forgotten how to change the settings on it. I accidently snapped this picture and I liked the way the elevator looked. Going Up?


I want to go back at night and get a picture of the MAX going by that cool old building with the columns. It’s lit up at night with blue lights, and I think it would be a pretty cool picture.


Walkers in the rain. One reason I brought my PowerShot is because it’s smaller so it doesn’t attract as much attention, and it doesn’t make a big ‘ka-chunk’ noise like the DSLR, so it wasn’t attracting much attention on the street.


I had to overexpose a little to get a long enough exposure to do a panning shot and get a little blur around the bus as I followed it by hand. I like the way it turned out.


Same technique with the MAX. Pretty impressive that the PowerShot can do this!


Finally, just a shot of the sidewalk near the bus stop. I liked the reflections off the wet bricks.



heather said...

AWESOME photos ! I agree about the kachunk noise -and bulk! - of a DSLR attracting attention. I'm still not brave enough to take my camera out "on the street", shooting random things ;) Oh, and I also look up at old buildings details

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. These are really stunning photos! You're so gooood!

I hope you share the Max at night shot when you get it done. I bet that one'll be incredible!

The last photo is great, too, but is it just coincidence that the Camera World sign is included, too? hehe!


StefRobrts said...

Ha ha, I just look in the windows of Camera World, I'm afraid if I went in there I'd go broke as soon as I stepped inside!