Friday, March 02, 2012

Navi and Car-Sickness

Navi (our little perpetual-running machine) gets car sick. She's been having this problem since she was a puppy. I think it got to the point where she would get car sick, and then she would anticipate getting car sick, and then she would get sick because she was so nervous anticipating getting car sick.

We've tried Dramamine, and jelly beans, and having her ride in a crate, and outside of a crate, and in my lap (puked in my lap that time) and taking her for short rides (but I think I didn't give it enough time or make it short enough), and forcing her to just buck up and put up with a long ride and nothing has really done the trick. She just runs away when she thinks she's going to have to go for a ride, and when I do get her into the car she looks miserable, and drools, and eventually throws up.

So two weeks ago I started taking her for a ride every single evening after work. Just up to the mailbox and back, which is about 200 feet. The first trip I had to beg her to come in the garage, and then I had to pick her up and put her in the car. After a week of these super-short rides, she was running out to the garage, and hopping in the car when I said it was time to go for a ride!

Now we've expanded the distance, and we're going to the park entrance, or the firestation - they're both about a quarter mile. She's still a little nervous, but I'm going to keep this up until she thinks a quarter mile is just plain boring! Then we'll go a little farther. I'm going to turn her into a traveling dog yet!


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