Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Letters of a Woman Homesteader

Everyone should read this book. It's a hundred years old, and it's available absolutely free on Project Gutenberg, and it's wonderful. Elinore Pruitt Stewart has such a wonderful knack for describing the places and people in her world, it's easy to get lost in it. It makes you long for days when folks knew their neighbors even if they lived 10 long, hard miles away. Most of all, her unflappable spirit is uplifting.

As she says:

When you think of me, you must think of me as one who is truly happy.
It is true, I want a great many things I haven't got, but I don't want
them enough to be discontented and not enjoy the many blessings that are mine.

I have my home among the blue mountains, my healthy, well-formed children,
my clean, honest husband, my kind, gentle milk cows, my garden which I make myself.
I have loads and loads of flowers which I tend myself. There are lots of chickens,
turkeys, and pigs which are my own special care. I have some slow old gentle
horses and an old wagon. I can load up the kiddies and go where I please any time.
I have the best, kindest neighbors and I have my dear absent friends.
Do you wonder I am so happy?
When I think of it all, I wonder how I can crowd all my joy into one short life.


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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

"Do you wonder I am so happy?"

Not at all. Sounds blissful to me.

I will look up that book this weekend.
Thanks :)