Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Morning Commute

At 8am I head off to the 'park and ride'. Today Dave drove, but usually he stays home.

Onto the freeway. Our home in the country is a half hour from the nearest P&R...

Where I catch a bus. Vancouver's C-Tran has very nice buses, at least on the express route.I suspect the in-town buses aren't quite this nice.

If I get the Express we go straight to Portland, but if I get the 'Sort of Express' we make a few stops along the way, and then we cross the Mighty Columbia into Oregon.

The Fremont bridge is the first big bridge we see - it's at the North end of town. The bus goes over it on the way home in the evening, though sometimes they surprise me and take other routes to get around the traffic.

It was pretty foggy, couldn't see much of downtown Portland,

Finally we cross the Willamette River and into downtown.

More tomorrow, because Blogger is being a bear about loading pictures for some reason today.



WeldrBrat said...

And yet... the area has an aura much more relaxed than the San Francisco Bay area in California!

I remember dealing with a rig that had a container loaded with Nabisco Oreo Cookies, coming from Portland to Tracy, CA. The driver had crossed the river and was just entering the Interstate... when the entire container split on the top, from end to end. Oreo Cookies all over the freeway!

The mess that arrived in another container was even worse!

Yummy or not... you're blessed with the commute you have! LOL Merry Christmas!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What struck me the most was all the water...both in the sky and on the ground, and underneath the bridges.

Thanks for sharing some of your commute with us.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Just wanted to say....Merry Christmas from Lisa and the entire herd at the Laughing Orca Ranch!!

heather said...

Finally making a stop by your blog, thanks for sharing all of the photos (even if it was foggy when you took them!) and comments about your commute. Congratulations on the new job !!!