Thursday, December 08, 2011

Mt St Helens and Fall Colors

It's December, but I'm still finding beautiful fall colors to photograph.

I love the dark red color, and the texture on this one! And those shadows - would you believe it was noon?! The shadows are long here all day this time of year.

Mt St Helens, our local active volcano, sleeping peacefully under the first snow of winter. Barely even covered her up! I keep telling Dave if we get a house with a view of the mountain, I'll never get tired of looking at it. He thinks I will, but I know I won't. It looks different all the time, different light, different clouds, different snow cover. I'd be photographing it all the time.

I found a bird nest that had been hidden in the leaves of this tree all summer,

Not so hidden now! It's the only thing left in the tree!

I just liked the shadows on the white bark of this tree.

All of these pictures were taken from this sidewalk. I even thought the sidewalk itself made an interesting shot.


1 comment:

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. They must have used something to line all those trees up so straight.
You really have an eye for finding the simple beauty in nature. Beautiful photos. Your composition in perfect.
But I think living so close to a volcano, especially one that is active, would freak me out a little.