Saturday, December 31, 2011



Part 2 of my ‘where I work’ post will include: where I work!


This is the historic Postal Building in downtown Portland. Built in 1901, it is on the register of historic places.


It is a lovely building. The offices are all around the outside of the building, and there is a big open atrium in the middle, with a glass skylight in the roof and an elevator in the middle. I try to take the stairs whenever I can for extra exercise!

Our breakroom has a view across the street, where we can watch the goings-on at the offices in the Dekum, another historic building (1891) with a really neat exterior with lots of carved details.



We can also see creepy Santa from there, he’s motion activated and turns his head to follow people, and dances.


Luckily creepy Santa retired after Christmas!



When I get off work it’s dark out, but it’s in a pretty populated part of town, so it feels pretty safe. I only have to walk 3 blocks to catch my bus.



I walk by this neat gearhead bar with a cool old Indian bike in the window.



I was catching the bus for two weeks before I turned around and noticed this was next to the bus stop – uh oh, hold on to your wallets!

That’s the total of my adventure so far. I have been hit up by panhandlers a lot, and the only problem came when an aggressive panhandling lady asked me for change from behind me (at first I didn’t even think she was talking to me), and I wasn’t going to turn around and acknowledge her, so I just kept walking, and instead of going after someone else she followed me for a block and a half! I pretended to be deaf, while she was shouting obscenities at me. Luckily she went away finally, I never even saw what she looked like, she was behind me the whole time. I hate situations like that, but it hasn’t happened again. I guess I just need to stay alert and try to walk with the other commuters. When I get off the bus I just try to go the direction the majority of people go and head to work. It’s only two blocks, so how much trouble could I have?

I want to take my camera back soon when we have a nice day of weather, and go out at lunchtime and take pictures. The entire area around my office is historic building, including an historic carriage house building, which I see from the bus. I want to walk over and get a closer look at it sometime.



Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Creepy Santa rides a 3-wheeler bike, too?! What an odd thing to have out front of that building. lol!

What beautiful old buildings. I do enjoy some of the old architecture. How lucky you are to work in such a neat old building, old on the outside and so modern on the inside.

You'll have to tell us all about Camera World when you go in to explore. hehe!


heather said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of your new home away from home. I bet there is some neat memorabilia in that bar! I sure hope nothing like that happens again with the panhandlers.