Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Under my desk...

Navi & Barclay are snuggled up together, keeping my feet warm.

Last week we sent Jack off to his new/old home. I contacted his previous owners, the ones who'd given him to us two years ago. They had said they wanted to know if we ever needed to rehome him, so I dug around and found their email and contacted them. They were delighted, because they had just moved into a home with a fenced backyard, and their daughter had been wanting a dog, and missing Jack ever since they gave him away! So I was happy to hand him back over to them. They seem like super nice people, and Jack was in their family first to begin with. That seems like a happy ending. Life is much more peaceful around here with only two dogs to care for, and I can give these two more attention. I think everyone is happy.



dotoner said...

happy ending for Jack! he was such a great little dog - hope his first owners are happy to have him back!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sometimes three's a crowd, eh?
How wonderful that his old owners wanted him back :)