Monday, November 28, 2011

Tough times and cute Santa/dog pictures

I had another job interview last week, only the fourth one I've managed to score this year, and the answer was a no. So close. We continue to plug along. At least the toy business is starting to pick up for Christmas, so that makes things better for a bit. Still, we've had real estate agents out to appraise the house and talk about selling the little farm, and we've put in for a modification - if we can hold out long enough to get it.

To cheer myself up I did a photo session at Everyday Dog for Christmas. What could be more fun than photographing dogs on Santa's lap? Most of these folks were our friends from training class anyway, and it's always fun to photograph friend's dogs, since we know them so well.

This is the 'Everyday Dog' family - Blaze, Figgy, Kiwi, and Chunky

And my favorite of all the pictures was Santa trying to hang onto the wiggliest puppy I've ever seen!

What a great day! All proceeds went to benefit PUFA, People United For Animals, which offers low-cost spay & neuters.


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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! lol! That last photo made me laugh right out loud!
Such great photos all!