Monday, September 05, 2011

Garden Update

I am finally reaping the rewards of having a garden!

Tomatoes! Fresh tomatoes make it all worthwhile! Almost every year for the last ten years I've tried various types of gardens - container gardens, square-foot gardens, a big garden in the ground in freshly tilled pasture, and last year a lasagna garden, which was my biggest success in terms of big healthy plants, but because of the weather I only got green tomatoes. This year has been iffy - cool and wet - and I'm finally seeing some rewards - big yellow tomatoes! They are so soft and sweet, I can't believe it, I just want to gobble them all up fresh off the plant! The varieties are Azoychka and Taxi, and Black Cherry tomatoes. The Azoychkas are particularly nice!

I got some squash, but my results there are hit & miss. I think slugs have been dining on them, since they are so close to the ground. The parsley was destroyed by some digging rodents, and the same with the cukes (luckily I already picked some and made my pickles for the year).

Also on the counter is some rosemary I trimmed off my little rosemary bush which seems to be happy out in it's container in the garden. I can't believe how good it smells, I've never gotten any from the store that smelled that strong! I think I might need to roast a chicken tomorrow just to use some of that Rosemary!


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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gorgeous looking tomatoes. I can't eat them raw, but in salsa or cooked I love 'em! Congrats on the garden success!

And oh! How I wish I lived closer. I'd bargain my way into being invited over for some of that delish rosemary chicken!