Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yard work

I should have taken a before picture, but once I get it in my head to get to work, I dive right in! Today we spent about three hours working in the yard. Dave used the string trimmer to knock down the weeds around the chicken run, I took the loppers and the sawzall and trimmed low hanging branches off the cherry tree and cut down all the volunteer saplings coming up in that area. We went and pulled up tansy that was coming up around the hidden areas of the yard. Then Dave went and sprayed round-up on the blackberry bushes. This is supposed to be the perfect time of year to spray them, and they will take it into the ground and kill the stuff underground - we'll see, I'm a bit skeptical about it! The blackberries are so hard to kill, and they come up all over the place, I sure would like to see them gone. I'm trying so hard to catch up all around the yard, and this year I feel like I'm winning!


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