Monday, August 01, 2011

Roses - playing with focal length / aperture

Our camera club assignment for this month is to try and build a better understanding of focal length, and using aperture to get the results we want in our photos. A better understanding of this would have helped my portrait photos last week!

Using my 28-80mm lens, I went out to take some pictures of a beautiful rose I spotted on the bush out in the dog run.

Wide shot in 'auto' mode - camera chose F9, lens at 28mm

 Zoomed in to 60mm, exposure: 1/4000, hand set f-stop at F4.8 - low as it would go. Just the central part of the flower is in focus, and the rear pedal is soft and has no detail

Still 60mm, exp: 1/800, changed f-stop to f8, regained some detail on the rear pedal, and the leaves in the background are more in focus

Still 60mm, exp: 1/400, upped f-stop to f25, more detail on rear pedals, and leaves behind are in focus. Because the f-stop is a larger number, the aperture (the opening in the lens) is smaller, so the picture is a little darker - less light was let in, even though the camera compensated by upping the exposure. But it can be brightened up in editing.

Brightened up using Picasa. If I had a tripod, I could set for a longer exposure at this same f-stop and brighten it without editing tools.

 Slightly different angle, zoomed in to 70mm, exp: 1/500, f18 to get detail on the rear pedals, brightened up in Picasa



Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh wow! With all that practice and the high tech language for the settings, you're turning into a professional! Nicely done!


heather said...

I totally agree, wow ! The final shot of the rose is stunning !