Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eskimo Games

We have houseguests staying with us for the next week...

 Navi, Sitka, Barclay, Sake & Jack (love that look on Jack)

I love having these guys over, even if it is a little extra work. They all have so much fun together!

Sake & Barclay

Navi & Jack

Jack about to bite Barclay (I think) in the pantaloons!

Sake, Barclay and Navi - I think!

Navi & Barclay

Sake & Sitka watch while Barclay holds Navi down!

They're so much fun to take pictures of!

And they're so graceful looking with their fluff blowing as they run...




Glad we got all this out of the way early, it's going to be hot today! I think they'll be inside with the AC on until this afternoon when it cools off again.

Barclay stays cool in the shade...


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