Friday, June 17, 2011

The Camas Camera Club

Last night I went to the first meeting of the Camas Camera Club. Camas is a small town about 15 miles south-east of here. It was held in the library. A friend of a friend started it, she's a professional dog photographer, and my friends encouraged me to go. There were only five other people there, but it was the first meeting!

Everyone was supposed to bring two pictures, but I couldn't decide and brought three.

It was fun to see the other pictures people brought. Some of them are quite accomplished professional photographers, people who have had exhibits, stuff like that. I think being able to learn techniques and get critiques from people who know more than I do will be good for improving my skills.

We started out with an assignment to come back next meeting with a new picture of an 'interaction' - our choice on how to interpret that. It has already energized my picture taking, I'm eager to get out there and try something!



Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great 3 choices! And I'm happy for you that you've gotten involved in the camera club. Don't sell yourself short, though. You've come along way baby, and I am confident that you have the skills to share and teach others some new photo-taking techniques and tips, too.

Have fun :)


heather said...

Oh lucky you to have a camera club nearby ! HAVE FUN ! Can't wait to see more of your photos.