Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Birds and The Bees

Just having a little fun on a sunny morning, laying on my tummy in the grass taking pictures of the bees visiting the clover. Of course the dogs kept wandering by and interrupting the bees, or trying to eat them (now that would have been a great picture) or licking me on the head while I was busy looking through the camera, but it wouldn't be the same without dogs helping, now would it :)

I took a LOT of shots, but none were quite what I was looking for. Bees have a tendancy to be facing the wrong way, or fly away just as you hit the shutter!

And with so many clover flowers, it's hard to get the shot where you can make the bee stand out in the field.

This turned out to bee my favorite of the lot...

I got this shot of a rose, straight out of the camera without any messing with the colors - wow!

And our big locust tree against the cloudy sky.

And these tiny, tiny little flowers, hidden in the grass - these flowers are about a quarter inch across - so tiny!

Barclay, hanging out by the fence. They are so happy to have access to the backyard now that the blackberry vines are gone and I'm not as worried about coyotes hanging out back there, lying in wait.

Navi, digging a hole. She stuffs her face down in the hole and snorts :)

She's happiest when she's getting dirty!


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