Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another one down

I lost another pullet last night from my rapidly dwindling chicken flock. I locked the chickens up last night, and when I let them out this morning there was a bunch of feathers on the floor of the coop, and a depression in the bedding with one wing in it - ugh! One more pullet gone :( I don't know what is going into the coop and eating an entire pullet at a time (they are pretty big), but I don't want it hanging around and moving on to the dogs and cats. I'm considering getting rid of all the chickens. I don't want to keep opening the doors to find one more chicken torn to pieces every morning!


And by evening we were one more down! At sunset the white chicken didn't want to go into the coop. I got them all in and did a count:

7 chicks
3 buff hens
2 blue/gold hens
1 white hen

I came back later with a flashlight and found the missing chick dead in the coop, pulled back under the shelf behind the nest boxes. Dave helped me check all around and couldn't find any critters lurking in the coop. We caught the chicks and put them in the big brooder box, since that will be more secure, and closed it all up. We'll see if anyone else gets eaten before morning.


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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Horrible! Such a mystery, too. Are there any cracks, gaps or openings inside the coop where a predator could sneak in? Can you tack up some hardware mesh to block the openings?

Whatever it is, I bet it's very fat after eating all those chicken dinners! grrr!