Sunday, May 08, 2011

Dog Yard for the trailer

We have a camping trip coming up, and I'm planning to take both dogs. I thought having a little 'yard' for them would be a lot of help. Our trailer is very small, and space around the door is crowded. So I took our X pens and spent most of the day making this:

I can make it bigger by adding more panels. Most of the time was spent figuring out how to work around the step.

I ended up cutting a panel in half, and then cutting one of the halfs in half again, and made this three piece panel to go under the step. I topped it with some flexible water pipe to protect our hands (you can see the pokey side on the right I have yet to do). This will make it so we can just open the trailer door and let the dogs out into the yard. That will be really nice for morning potty breaks! Also I won't have to worry about Navi dashing out the door running off to annoy the neighbors.

Barclay's ready to go camping. He's waiting in the van!

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heather said...

What a terrific idea ! I expect to see photos and hear about the camping trip - have fun =)