Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dog training

I just had a fun dog training session, with each dog individually. I started with Barclay, with my intention to teach him to roll a big ball around using his nose. Since he already knew 'touch' (nose to my hand), I just put my hand between him and the ball and had him touch it a few times, then removed my hand and he went right to touching the ball. I stopped then to go work on the soup for dinner, and he kept bugging me to come back for more! So I went and did another round with him, and actually had him double-touching the ball before I ran out of treats - he'll be pushing it in no time. Then I just have to figure how I want to teach him to move it where I want him too!

Then I did a round with Navi, and worked on 'Jump up' like jump up on the couch, and 'off' - get back off the couch. And sits and downs. She is so eager to earn her treats, she goes at light speed and offers things so fast I have to click fast to catch her before she decides to offer something else.

For Jack's turn, we did some starting nosework. I hid a treat under a towel and told him to find it, and he nosed under the towel and got the treat, and was VERY proud of himself (I think he was actually strutting around). After that seemed pretty easy I moved to putting the treat in one of three small boxes. I'd mix up the boxes and tell him to 'find it' and point at the boxes, and he sniffed around until he singled one out, and I opened it and let him get the treat - he got it right everytime! That's a beagle nose for you!


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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a lot of fun for master and canines. :)