Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cold rainy spring day - with chickens

We had a beautiful day a couple days ago. We can sit around wistfully remembering the sun and the warmth, because now it's all grey skies and rainstorms blowing through again! When is spring coming?! I spent a bit of time outside taking pictures of the chickens today, until the rain drove me (and the chickens) back indoors.

My 'feed store' chickies are off the heatlamp and have joined the rest of the flock. They can choose between hanging out in the shed or coming out to join the other birds, and they have been getting braver everyday about coming out.

The hens don't seem to mind them at all, despite the difference in size. I haven't seen anyone getting bullied.

Such a pretty bunch of birds!

Mama hen takes her six remaining chickies out on adventures in the tall grass of the chicken run.

Life is a big adventure for these guys

Mama points out a piece of squash!

Then she does a little digging...

And the chicks look for any goodies she may have kicked up.

When a breeze picks up and the rain starts sprinkling, Mam hen fluffs up and calls her chicks under her.

Like little kids, they can't sit still, one pops out, then goes back under...

Then a different one peeks out

I guess it's kind of crowded with six chicks under there.

When the rain really starts coming down, the whole flock heads for the coop. But hey, what's that in the middle...

It's orange, but it's not a chicken!



Anonymous said...

Wow, those chickies grew up fast!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Isn't there a book about "One thing that doesn't belong" lol! And that kitty blends right in, too.

Mama Hen is such a good mama. I always enjoy watching a hen take care of her chicks.
The tall grass must seem like a wild jungle to the tiny chicks.


heather said...

I always enjoy your photos (so vivid!) and reading the commentary. Thanks for sharing