Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another fun day at the stables

The stables I volunteer at has a weekend program where kids sign up to come in as part of a group, and then we show them how to groom a horse, walk to the arena, and lead them around on it, teach them to steer, and then the ones that are more confident can start riding around on their own (with someone walking beside them the whole way). So I did that for both morning and afternoon sessions today. It was so much fun! The kids are having such a great time, it's fun to be involved in something like that. If only I'd had that kind of opportunity as a kid! But now as an adult I still have time to learn. I got to help groom and pick out hooves and lead the horse around. Learned to tack and un-tack, and learned to put a blanket back on the horse I was working with. So much fun! I felt a lot more confident after working with him all day (he was a very sweet and patient horse).

And I got a lot of walking around and around and around the arena - so that's a little extra activity for my day as well. That was a pretty good way to spend the first part of my Saturday.


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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a great (and safe) day spent with horses helping kids.