Monday, March 14, 2011

Still exercising and eating right!

I've stuck to my eating and exercising plan, and it's going great! I was wearing size 24 pants, loosely comfortable, and 22s that were a bit tight. Now the 22s are loose and comfortable, and the 24s are too loose - falling off! Time to go pants shopping!

My favorite part is the exercise. It feels so good! I just have a warm glow after exercising, and I really look forward to doing it every day. I had a bit of a setback last week. We did the comic show in Seattle weekend before last, which forced me to skip exercising for a few days, then just as I got back into the swing of it I had a pain in my side that wouldn't go away. I finally went to the doctor on Saturday and she said it sounded like a kidney stone! But she couldn't tell without further, expensive tests (like thousands of dollars), and since we don't have insurance she took the 'wait and see' approach, and sent me home with a warning to go straight to the ER if it got bad. Luckily it went away, and after a day of just feeling kind of tender in that area, I felt better today and was able to get back on the exercise bandwagon - and it felt great!

Eating right has not been hard, it just takes a bit of planning. Lots of fruits and veg, whole grains whenever possible, always watch the portions. Some challenges pop up, like when we were working in Seattle and had to eat lunch and dinners out. Luckily Seattle forces them to put nutritional info out for folks to read, so I could try and do the least damage possible - salads with dressing on the side, steak instead of shrimp broiled in butter with a butter dipping sauce on the side! Most restaurant meals were 1000 calories plus - and some were 2000 (steak and lobster) - and that's before adding drinks or bread! So it was challenging to eat right, and when I came home I was afraid to get on the scale, but I discovered I'd still lost 3 lbs - so there!

Yesterday was my birthday, and friends invited us over for dinner, and made me a cake - yum! You've got to eat a little cake on your birthday! But she gave me leftovers, and there's no way I should eat that much cake in the time before it will spoil - so I got an idea - I froze it! That way I can thaw out a piece and have it later when I need a piece of cake :) Hey, everyone has those days, right?

So, after all those missed days of exercise I weighed myself this morning and I was down 5 lbs from last week! That's a total of 20lbs from the beginning of the year! What great motivation to stay on track and keep at it!



heather said...

HOORAY !!!!! I need your motivation, dedication =)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Happy belated Birthday to you. Clever you to save some birthday cake for later, too.