Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scratched my eye!

This is ridiculous! Things were going great,and then I woke up Thursday morning with a stabbing pain in my eye, so bad I couldn't even convince the other eye to open up! We went to the urgent care clinic, and they put in drops to numb it, and then stained it and confirmed I had scratched it. They put on an eye patch, gave me antibiotic drops, and sent me on my way.

Friday the pain was back, and so bad I just couldn't hardly stand it! I would just freeze up, fists clenched and shaking, it hurt so bad! Finally I called the urgent care back, and they told me to go to the ER or a regular eye doctor. So I called our eye doctor and he got me right in. He dialated it, stained it, looked at it with a camera on a computer, and showed me the big scratched area, overlapping my pupil. He said that made it particularly bad because if it scarred it would impact my vision. So he put stuff on it, gave me drops to use, and put a contact in my eye to act as a bandage and cover the damage so my eyelid wasn't rubbing it all weekend. Then he told me to go home, hit the Ibuprofin hard, and rest and let my eye rest and heal. I'll be seeing him again Monday.

My eye is still dilated, so everything is blurry on that side. It stings a little. I had to cancel taking pictures at a dog sports event this weekend :( and I'm stuck at the store while people pick through our last couple days open. Oh well. I was having an awesome week before this happened. Darn pillow!


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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! How awful! How do you scratch your eye on a pillow? Did you feel it when it happened? Ouch!
I sure hope it doesn't scar either. Sending healing thoughts.