Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chicken update

 The 14 chickies are doing fine.That thing they are standing on is the shell of a cucumber they ate this morning.

Under Navi's watchful eye! She loves to go in the room and watch them, but I don't let her watch them unattended!

They're getting big, and getting feathers on their wings already. Any idea how hard it is to hold a flapping chickie in one hand and take a picture with the other - it's hard!

Out in the coop, one of my young hens went broody on me. I don't know why my old hens don't do that, but last year the only hen to go broody was my youngest one too! So I gave her ten eggs to sit on and moved her into the brooder box. She seems happy, but now I need to make a new brooder box for my indoor chicks to move into!

One of her lovely sisters :)

Some of my older girls. I feel bad for them, they have muddy backs and their feathers are all roughed up from the roosters jumping on them all the time. 

So I decided to give the girls a break and find a new home for my biggest rooster. He really is huge! I put him on CL and ten minutes later I had someone from not far away wanting to come pick him up this weekend. Perfect!

I'm keeping this guy. He's awfully pretty, and I love his colors!

I think I'll call him 'Handsome' :)



Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good to see the chicks. They do grow so fast.
Handsome fits his name perfectly.


heather said...

WOW ! What beautiful birds !