Sunday, March 27, 2011

Black rooster is gone - chicks move out to the coop

The black rooster went off to a new home yesterday, where he will have 8 hens all to himself. He should be very happy there!

Have you ever seen chickens so evenly spaced?

The remaining rooster 'Handsome' is happy to have his hens all to himself now. No more squabbling with the other roo or 'sneak attacking' the poor girls!

Meanwhile, the chicks are a week and a half old, and doubled in size - there's not enough elbow room in the indoor brooder. Time to move out to the coop. But there's a broody hen in the brooder box!

So I scraped up enough materials around the house to build them a new brooder box. This one is only 3x3, but it will be fine for a while. I had 20 chicks comfortably in the 4x4 box until they were 8 weeks old. I think 14 should be ok in the 3x3 box until they are close to that, and by then the broody mom and her chicks will have moved outside.

I think it will be nice to have two brooder boxes available for when I have broody hens, or if I decide to get 2 different types of chicks someday.



heather said...

LOVE that photo of the chickens all in a row =)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That first picture is wild! Good capture of them evenly spaced like that.

I'm sure the ladies are glad the black roo is gone, too. I know mine are happy that Sid Vicious is gone. He was a horny devil and when we was here, our Silky roo and Sid would gang up on a hen together. It was horrible to watch. Now our Silky roo is a real gentleman without Sid around.

You are so talented. I wish you were my neighbor. You'd probably get sick of me always coming around asking for help or inviting myself to dinner, though. hehe!