Saturday, February 19, 2011


The training on the alpacas has slowed down quite a bit. Although Red got the hang of the clicker training, and seemed to understand his behavior was effecting how quickly he got his reward, the other two have been more of a problem. I have had issues with them invading my space, kicking at me when I enforce my space, and trying to hit me from behind, which is particularly scary. I don't want to interact with them any more than necessary, because I would describe their behavior as pushy and spiteful - when corrected they look for ways to strike back. So we have switched from grain to straight hay, and I close them out of the paddock while I am cleaning and refilling feeders. My friend who runs the rescue is going to come over and check them out and see if their issue is with me (as in, they've decided I can be pushed around) or if they have a more serious problem from having been spoiled and not understanding that they need to give humans space. I am being very cautious around them, and I never take my eyes off them when I'm in their area.



Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Very scary indeed. Thankfully they only have padded feet and the nails don't tend to make contact with a rear kick. I'd rather be kicked by one of my llamas (of which I have twice) than by my horse....of which I have twice, too. Much more painful. The llama kick feels more like a soft punch.....the horse kick...not so much :-O

But still it would be much better not to have to constantly be on your guard from attack when you're just minding your own business and wanting your own space.

Sure hope those cranky camelids behave soon.


StefRobrts said...

Although I don't want the bruises from getting kicked, I worry more about them knocking me down and stomping me! So I am being very careful around them.

I can't believe you've been kicked by your horse too! Is it possible to have a horse and not get hurt by it? I still want a horse so bad someday.