Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Heritage Chicken for dinner

Well, last night I roasted that roo - low and slow, so as to make it as tender and juicy as possible. You know what? We didn't like it. Didn't really like it at all. Although I was prepared for it to be tougher, because I had been warned that the grocery store chicken is considered soft and spongy to people who are used to eating heritage birds, it was really tough. And I had been warned the flavor is a lot stronger. Well, it is strong, and different. It smelled great while cooking, but we ended up putting the leftovers in the freezer for stock. I think it will make great stock.

I'm glad I did this now, before I put in my chick order for the year. I'm just going to get Buff Orpington pullets (girls) to raise for egg layers to keep and to sell. I might also get some of the grocery store type chickens - Cornish Cross, and try raising them up. I don't approve of the concept of chickens that grow to full size in 8 weeks, but that is what we've been conditioned to enjoy for the last 40+ years, so I guess if I want to raise my own meat that is what we will have to get. The good part is that they are ready to butcher in only 8 weeks.



Vegetable Garden Cook said...

I've grown Cornish Cross before, and find that they are well, gross. Poor birds, its horribly inhumane. I've written a few articles on them, which you are welcome to read. To me, they are more of a freak of nature. They grow so big that they have huge problems with their heart and can't even walk around or forage. All they do is poop and eat, poop and eat, sitting next to the feeder. They get poo stuck all over them and the flavor gets infused into the meat. They die really easily. Boy, I could go on and on. Here is a link to one article I wrote. http://www.mysuburbanhomestead.com/harvest-time-for-the-meat-birds-is-drawing-near-update/

StefRobrts said...

I know, I'm planning to get just a few, give them a roomy pen, and move them daily (we have a large pasture so plenty of room for that). They are not a freak of nature, unfortunately they are a freak of our own design :( But at least if I raise them I can try and give them the best life possible for that sort time. By controlling their feed I've heard some people grow them out more slowly and avoid some of the health problems. But if you give them the chance they will just about eat themselves to death.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I don't know anything about cornish crosses, but mmmmmm! Cornish game hens are delish!

Let us know how your venture works out. Sorry the roo wasn't what you were expecting.

J said...

We recently ate a heritage chicken and also did not like it, so strong and the texture was really thick( tough). Glad to hear of someone else who does not like eating them...

(Betsy's mama)