Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pony :)

I went over to visit my friend's mini-horse again. She needed me to do a petsitting visit two days in a row, so I got there early so I could spend some time with her horses. She told me where to find the brushes, and I went back and gave the little girl a good brush all over. She seemed to like it just fine, especially her withers - that made her make a funny face and wiggle her lips :)

The next day I got there later, did my petsitting chores, and went back and talked to the pony and gave her a bit of a scratch, but it was getting dark so I had to go. She usually just watches me walk away, but this time she followed me to the gate, then stood there giving me sad eyes. So I went and got a brush and she stood perfectly still in the paddock while I brushed her all over - she really liked it! But then it was really dark and starting to rain so I told her good night and went to put the brushes away while she wandered back to her stall. What a nice little horse! I'm so glad my friend said I was welcome to come by anytime and get a mini-horse fix!


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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like you've made an equine friend :)