Sunday, October 10, 2010

My house - another view

This view from a different maps site shows a better angle for viewing the back yard/pasture area.

The blue lines are the property lines. The red outline on the left is the 'front field', and the bare square of dirt in that field is where I had a friend plow it with their tractor to try and have a garden, which didn't work out because the ground was soft and rocky, the plants didn't grow well, the weeds invaded, and I ended up abandoning that plan. However, I still think this area might make a nice winter pasture for a few small animals, like some goats or sheep. This picture was taken several years ago, and the trees in the front field are much bigger now.

The red outline on the right is what we call the backyard, or the back field. It's a nice little pasture, and the goats were quite happy there for the winter a couple years ago, though it was hard to get food to them without having to tramp downhill through the slippery mud. The shed on the top right of that area is the hay shed, which is the backside of the chicken coop, and it was a nice shelter for the goats that one winter.

When I look at it like this it sure looks like a lot of space!


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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It's so neat to see your property from the above view, isn't it? Your property seems very nice and useable, too. I like the shape of the house, with the courtyard in the front.