Monday, October 25, 2010

Churning Butter

Yes, I said Butter. I bought a half gallon of whipping cream from the local dairy - real, local milk from right here in Clark County. I let it come to room temp, added a pinch of salt, and let the Kitchen Aid go to it. It only took about three minutes to go from whipping cream, to whipped cream, to break over in to butter.

Even with the spatter shield on, this is a messy job!

But look - Butter!

After it was separated, I had to rinse the butter repeatedly under cold water while kneading it to get out all the buttermilk. This quickly turned into a giant mess where I was getting butter everywhere! I'll think before I stick my hands into it next time! But it worked and I formed three logs to freeze, and refrigerated a pint of it. Had it on waffles this morning and it was great - not as salty as regular salted butter, and had more of a sweet cream taste.


Anonymous said...

your mess looks like my regular cooking mess! hahahahaha!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Mmmm! Fresh home-made butter! Does look very messy. I used to enjoy home-made butter at my grandmas' houses. Makes me wonder if my elders made as much mess when they churned their own butter.