Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saving Seeds

I think summer is officially over. I turned on the tv this morning, and the weather report described the next three days as 'a good soaking'. Oh well. I went out to the garden and found a few ripe but rotten tomatoes off of each of my heirloom tomato plants and brought them inside. The tomatoes have been rotting before they can ripen, so there haven't really been any for eating. Time to think about next year.

They are neat looking tomatoes, would be even better if I'd got to eat some! These are Snow White (yellow cherry), Black Cherry, Striped Roman, Brandywine (the big red one), and Azoychka (medium yellow).

So I crack them open and dig around with a spoon looking for the goopy part with seeds in it. I put all the seeds I can into the cup.

The goo needs to soak in water for about a week to let the seeds go. Then I can dry them off and save them for next year.

Hopefully next year will be a better year for tomatoes!


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