Monday, September 13, 2010

New Boomerang CollarTags

Today I got new ID tags for our crazy pack of dogs. Well, actually Jack didn't get one, I just got tags for the other two. Last week Navi got hung up on the heater vent, and the next day I was leaving for work and found her on the bed in a funny position, wagging her tail, and when I looked closer I realized her tag was caught on the blanket! So I looked up Boomerang Tags, which is where I've been getting my tags for years. They make excellent tags, ship them out fast, and they last forever. All our dogs have had their tags, and I even had tags made for the llama's harnesses.

They have a new kind of tag called CollarTags. They slip onto the actual collar, instead of dangling. They are guaranteed not to come off, and it looks like it would be impossible to catch them on anything.

I received them today. They fit perfectly, and of course look very well made and are easily readable. I think the only downside is that if the dogs got lost and someone glanced at them, they would think they don't have any ID, because there are no obviously dangling tags. Because the eskies are fluffy, the tag isn't immediately obvious on the collar like it would be on a short haired dog. However, I haven't lost a dog yet, and these two are shaping up to be the best trained dogs I've ever had, so they are less likely to get lost all the time! On the plus side, without the jingling of tags, the dogs are running in 'stealth mode'. No, wait a minute, maybe that's NOT such a good thing!! ;)



Anonymous said...

That photo is just precious! Looks like they're up to something...

StefRobrts said...

They are always up to something!